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Potentially getting around DWI checkpoints in Missouri

Many Missouri drivers may have heard that there are certain loopholes that may allow them to skip DUI checkpoints. According to a Feb. 20 report, the Fair DUI Flyer may legally allow drivers to continue through police DUI checkpoints without actually talking to the officers working that particular checkpoint.

Missouri woman charged with DWI after 1-car crash

A woman from Bourbon was accused of driving drunk after crashing her car into a tree on Jan. 30. According to a report from the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the 39-year-old woman was traveling westbound on Rock Road in a 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier when she lost control of her vehicle and crashed.

Alcohol monitoring techniques in Missouri

If a driver is convicted of driving under the influence, he or she may be required to wear a SCRAM bracelet. This acronym stands for Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring, and it is considered easier than in-person alcohol testing. It is generally attached to an individual's ankle and will monitor a person's sweat for the presence of alcohol.

Drunk driving charges may be defended

As Missouri residents know, drunk driving is a serious charge that may result in penalties, fines and possibly impact on an individual's right to drive a vehicle. It can also in some cases impose a barrier on obtaining future employment. While state laws vary, it is possible to defend against a drunk driving charge in a variety of ways.

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