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What to know about a DWI expungement

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2014 | Criminal Defense

If an individual is convicted of DWI in Missouri, it could hamper his or her ability to get a job or a loan in the future. However, it may be possible to get that DWI off his or her criminal record through a process called expungement. When a charge is expunged, it is hidden to anyone who might do a background ground on that individual. In some cases, expungement is referred to as sealing the conviction or setting aside the conviction.

The process of getting a DWI charge expunged varies. In most cases, it is only available if the DUI charge was a first-offense or if there was no guilty plea entered in the case. Some jurisdictions may allow those who have been convicted of a first-offense DWI to have it expunged if it is not indicative of a criminal pattern of activity.

If an individual got a DWI as a minor, it may be possible to have the charge expunged. The process for doing so may differ from the process that an adult driver would go through. Regardless of whether or not a DUI is expunged, it will not change the status of an individual’s license if it has been suspended. Additionally, a sealed conviction may still be used as part of an immigration hearing.

Drivers who have been charged with driving while intoxicated may experience long-term effects from that charge even if he or she was not convicted. Therefore, it may be necessary to ask for an expungement. An attorney may be able to ask a judge to expunge the charge if state law allows for it. This may be possible even if the driver was convicted on a DWI charge for those convicted of a first-offense.

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