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Police say alleged drunk driver was combative after crash

On Sept. 12, a Missouri woman was involved in a one-car accident in St. Louis that police claim was the result of intoxication. After rolling over in her SUV on Highway 94, the 23-year-old woman allegedly became hostile towards police officers when they arrived on the scene. She reportedly claimed that she was not the person who had been driving, and she was pepper-sprayed twice by police officers.

Following the alleged drunk driving crash, the woman was detained and placed in the back of a police car. Despite wearing handcuffs, authorities say the woman was able to unbuckle her seat belt while sitting in the police car. She has reportedly been handed several charges that include attempted escape and driving while intoxicated.

After an incident like this, it may be important for a person accused of DWI and attempted escape to have representation in the form of a criminal defense attorney. In some cases, an investigation into the details of the incident may uncover facts that were not mentioned in the police report. If police officers are found to have acted unlawfully, charges against the accused drunk driver may be dropped.

A person charged with DWI may also dispute their charges by arguing that the testing methods that were used to determine their blood-alcohol level were inaccurate. A driver who was given a field sobriety test, for instance, could have failed the test due to prior conditions or injuries. If the driver was given a breath test, the accuracy of the reading on the machine may be questioned based on improper testing procedures.

Source:, “Police pepper spray woman involved in DUI, crash”, September 16, 2014


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