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Missouri car accident results in DWI charges for Chiefs player

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2014 | Drunk Driving

Sean Smith, a cornerback for the Kansas City Chiefs, has been charged with DWI following a single-vehicle car accident in Kansas City. Smith was driving a vehicle around 12:30 a.m. June 9 in the vicinity of Grand Boulevard and 12th Street when police who were patrolling the area allegedly witnessed Smith attempt to make a left turn, lose control of his vehicle and strike a light pole at the intersection.

The front end and undercarriage of Smith’s vehicle sustained severe damage. The car reportedly struck the light pole with such force that it broke and fell on the adjacent sidewalk. Police say that Smith seemed confused and that his speech was unrecognizable. However, he refused medical attention, according to reports. Following the incident, police took Smith into custody on charges related to DWI, careless driving, failure to slow down, striking a light pole and driving with no insurance.

A statement issued by the Kansas City Chiefs said that they are “aware” of the traffic accident and are “disappointed” anytime an incident like this involves one of their players. However, due to the legal nature of Smith’s situation, they refrained from further comment. Smith recently signed an $18 million contract with the Chiefs after playing for the Miami Dolphins.

DWI laws are strict, and penalties upon conviction are severe and can adversely affect a person’s life and professional reputation for many years to come. Penalties may include jail time or the loss of a driver’s license, either of which can make it difficult for any person to earn a living. DWI convictions stay on a person’s record and can affect his or her future employment. An attorney could potentially offset some of these penalties by building a credible defense if evidence was improperly obtained or by negotiating a plea bargain with the prosecution for lesser charges or penalties.

Source: KCTV 5, “Chiefs player cited for DUI after alleged wreck with light pole“, Laura McCallister and Jeanene Kiesling, June 11, 2014

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