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18-year-old MU student allegedly stole handgun from unlocked car

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2013 | Criminal Defense

A freshman from the University of Missouri was taken into police custody on Oct. 31 for an alleged theft of a handgun and two magazines from an unlocked, idling vehicle. According to the MU police captain, the alleged theft occurred between 8:22 and 8:45 p.m. on Oct. 26 in one of the university’s eastern campus parking lots. Police stated that the student, just 18-years-old, was very intoxicated when he walked by the idling Toyota. The car’s windows were rolled down approximately 6 to 8 inches. He allegedly took a Springfield Armory subcompact XD-9 handgun, a holster and the two magazines out of the car. Another student had been unloading items from the vehicle into a residence hall when the alleged theft occurred.

He was brought into custody for suspicion of felony theft and misdemeanor unlawful use of a weapon. He posted $5,000 bail and was released the same day from Boone County Jail.

Those who are convicted on criminal charges may face severe consequences. For example, convictions on felonies may result in a jail sentence, probation and a criminal record. However, these types of convictions may also have long-term or other consequences. Students may lose their funding and could potentially be kicked out of their school. A theft conviction may make it difficult for them to find a job.

In cases like this where the individual is younger, an attorney may be able to negotiate with the prosecution to have the charges and the punishments reduced. If the attorney attempts a plea bargain, he or she may try to have the consequences of a conviction reduced by offering their client go to rehab or trying for a probation sentence in lieu of jail.

Source: Columbia Daily Tribune, “MU student arrested for alleged theft“, November 02, 2013


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