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Two Knox County men are facing kidnapping and other felony charges in connection with a May incident. One of the men, 42, is charged with tampering with a victim, felonious restraint, two counts of domestic assault and felony kidnapping. The second man, 32, was charged with victim tampering, felony kidnapping and two criminal charges.

The two men were taken into custody on the kidnapping and other felony charges as a result of a drug raid at the residence of the younger man. There will be additional charges filed against both men in connection with the drug raid. The two men are currently being held in police custody. Both of them were put under cash only bonds, the first is under $150,000 and the second $100,000.

Court records state that a woman told police that she had been detained against her will by both men at the younger man's home.The pair allegedly prevented her from leaving the residence until she promised not to call the authorities. Apparently, She made the promise and so they released her. This case is connected to a previous case in which the older man had been taken into custody on the charge of stealing the same woman's vehicle. According to authorities, the kidnapping was an attempt to persuade the victim not to testify in the car theft case.

These two men are facing a fairly substantial list of charges in at least three different cases. They may be facing serious consequences if they are convicted of any of the charges against them. Individuals who find themselves in a similar situation may choose to find an attorney with experience in criminal defense. An attorney might be able to work with the prosecution to consolidate or drop some of the charges. In addition, an attorney might be able to bargain for a plea deal. A plea bargain may substantially reduce jail time and avoid a lengthy trial.

Source: KHQA News, "Knox County men charged with kidnapping and other felony charges", June 28, 2013

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