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Missouri man pleads guilty in fatal DUI case

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2013 | Criminal Defense

A 36-year-old man of Aviston, Missouri, pleaded guilty to his charges of drunk driving that resulted in a crash that killed a woman from Trenton, Missouri. The man reportedly pleaded guilty mid-trial in Madison County Circuit Court.

The man had reportedly already had two previous DUI charges on his driving record when the accident occurred. He reportedly crashed his Ford F-150 truck head-on into a Dodge Dakota truck that was being driven by a woman who ultimately died in the crash. The woman’s mother was also a passenger of the Dodge Dakota truck and suffered from critical injuries. Before the case was ever sent to the jury, the man pleaded guilty to two of his criminal charges: aggravated DUI resulting in death and aggravated DUI resulting in bodily harm.

The spokeswoman for the Madison County State’s Attorney’s Office stated that the man will be sentenced to 42 months in prison for each count that he pleaded guilty to. The sentences will run concurrently. The man has been out on bond but was ordered to report to the Madison County Jail on July 26 to begin serving his sentence.

Seven years before this crash occurred, the man had been arrested for allegedly running a flashing red light to elude police. He was charged with a DUI in that incident, but the charges were later dismissed. Two years before this crash, he had refused to submit to a blood alcohol test during a stop, but he received a judicial driving permit to continue driving. Criminal lawyers might be able to help people fight their charges. Even if a lawyer can’t get the charges dismissed or reduced to lesser ones, they might be able to secure more lenient sentencing for clients.

Source:, “Aviston man pleads guilty mid-trial in fatal DUI case”, Elizabeth Donald, July 19, 2013

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