Challenging Breathalyzer Results In Missouri

There is no shortage of myths about what the Breathalyzer can and can't do. Many people think they can fool the machine by putting pennies in their mouth or drinking water after they finish drinking alcohol. The truth is that a properly administered breath test is very good at measuring how much alcohol is in a suspect's bloodstream.

Breathalyzer Test Myths:

  • You can put a penny in your mouth to fool a Breathalyzer. (Wrong)
  • You can lower you blood alcohol content (BAC) before driving home by drinking water. (Wrong)
  • Breath mints can fool a breath test machine. (Wrong)
  • As long as you wait a couple of hours after heavy drinking, the alcohol will be out of your system. (Wrong)

There is just no way to fool a Breathalyzer, but that doesn't mean that every officer does a good job of administering the test. It is, in fact, quite easy to get false readings from a Breathalyzer, usually for the worse, if it is improperly calibrated or if the test isn't performed correctly.

Our job is to know how to formulate a DWI defense that discredits the results of a Breathalyzer. In formulating your defense, we rely on the facts, testimony and evidence, not myths.

An Understanding Of How The Body Processes Alcohol

Your body takes about an hour to process one beer or one shot into your bloodstream and about one hour to get rid of it. However, your body only starts getting rid of the alcohol in your bloodstream after you stop drinking, which means that if you have six drinks, it can take six hours from when you stop drinking before you would blow .00 on a Breathalyzer again.

Trusting in myths is not only likely to get you arrested on suspected DWI, but it's also liable to leave you convicted of a crime. You need a lawyer who knows the facts, and with 20 years of dealing with DWI cases as both a law enforcement officer and an attorney, attorney Travis Noble knows how the breath test works, how it should be administered and how it should be handled as evidence.

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